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Information for and about adult learners, as well as learners' writing and opinions about adult education appear on this page. Writing by and readings of interest to learners also appear at Writing from the Field.

student leadership

VALUE: Voice of Adult Literacy United for Education is the US national adult organization; information on this page comprises learner-generated content as well as resources designed for adult learning.

Learner Web - learning support system for adults wanting to accomplish specific learning objectives (such as improving basic skills, increasing digital literacy, or preparing for a job). Learner Web offers self-paced instruction and is typically implemented as a combination of online learning and face-to-face interaction with a tutor or teacher.

Learner Perspectives - an interactive website, part of the Adult Education Wikipedia.  People contribute ideas, resources and discussion topics to the site.  This page is focused on learners' perspectives.

Students Meeting Students: Putting a Student Conference Together - one of a series of books developed by adult learners in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  Available in the US (and elsewhere) through Peppercorn Books and Press.

Summary Report of the Adult Education Visioning Retreat: Growing into the Future – Keeping Students at the Center Mayor's Office of Adult Education,  October 25, 2007 (pdf)

Adult learners address the Governor's Task Force on Adult Literacy - June, 2004.

In Our Words - Canadians Reading Together - writings by learners from Nova Scotia, Canada
Links to sites for learners and teachers / resources related to or created by adult learners

BBC Skillswise - interactive games, quizes and activities for numeracy and literacy.

Student/learner resources from Western/Pacific LINCS

English as a second language - resources for independent study, listening, reading and writing.

The Fortune Society Student Web Pages -  built by learners in Fortune Society Education programs

We Speak NYC - Topics and issues depicted in videos, accompanied by supporting materials for English language learners.

Frank Symonds, interviewed by the Providence Journal, 10 February, 1999

Quia class page: GED resources from Wendy  Quinones, including math, spelling, vocabulary and other exercises related to the GED.  

Student learning links at GED 2000 (scroll down)

Taking the G.E.D. - Cece's Tilsley's story - Cece's Tilsley's wonderful account of studying for and taking the GED tests.

AAA Math - interactive practice, explanations and a link to a Spanish language math resource.

A+ math - more resources and practice

Create a graph - learn to present information in different visual forms and formats

That Quiz - test prep site for a range of subjects

Test Prep Review - online practice tests and test preparation

Union Test Prep - large collection of free online test practice sites

Transition to college

College Transition for adult students - "website designed to simulate the pre-college experience for adult students interested in enrolling in college for the first time or returning to college after a long break. The site will help you walk through the application process, find money to pay for college classes, provide you with resources to help you prepare for college-level work, and give you helpful tips to make the whole process easier."

More learner resources

The Learning Edge - Online newspaper from the Wellington County Learning Centre in Ontario.  Provides spoken and written text, interactive exercises and opportunities for discussion, prompts for writing and further learning. The link above is from a search for the Learning Edge; it seems, sadly, to have been taken down.

A guide to holding a meeting - plain language suggestions and reminders for people organizing and holding meetings, from the Prince Edward Island Literacy Alliance in Canada.

The LINCS Learner Center connects to free online resources. Choose a goal to learn how to read, get job skills, and more.

Internet Picture Dictionary - basic picture dictionary; French, Italian, Spanish and German versions are also available.

Literacy Tools from the National Adult Literacy Agency in Ireland - online exercises, as well as exercises to print and complete off line.  Tour the site here.

The Right Question Project - an organization that develops educational strategies that help people build skills to get involved in issues that affect them.

Second Chance Learners Handbook - Second Chance Learners was founded in New Brunswick, Canada in 1989 by Dorothy Silver, an adult learner who saw a need for learners to get together to support one another.

TV411 - interactive practice in many areas - spelling, reading, writing, math

Visiting the doctor - site for ESL students.  A visit to the doctor can be a strange experience.  Not only is there new language, but customs may seem be different as well.   With this web site you can practice the language you need for getting medical care.    You can also send in your own writing on health topics and see it published here.

What Adult Literacy Learners Would Like YOU TO Know - from the Movement for Canadian Literacy - The Learners Advisory Network (LAN) decided to create a brochure that would help literacy  promoters and the public understand who they are and what they do. This resource has been taken down.
The Journal of Ordinary Thought - 'The Neighborhood Writing Alliance holds writing workshops with adults in inner city Chicago, and publishes their writing in the Journal of Ordinary Thought (JOT). NWA is founded on the propositions that every person is a philosopher, expressing one's thoughts fosters creativity and change, and that taking control of life requires people to think about the world and to share their thoughts with others.Writings from Chicago, Illinois"

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last updated February 11, 2019

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